Waxing is a quick, effective way of removing unwanted hair and usually lasts between 4-6 weeks until the next treatment is needed. I have been waxing for sixteen years and I am highly qualified and skilled in what I do.  My specialty is intimate waxing for women and I was trained by none other than the famous,  Kim Lawless, dubbed the 'waxing queen'.

I am very aware that booking in for a Brazilian or Hollywood can be a very daunting, nerve racking experience.  However, I find that new clients who come to me having had a bad waxing experience soon become fans.  I only ever use hot, (not hot really), peel-able wax and would never dream of using strip wax on any intimate parts. It makes for a much better, more comfortable waxing experience and there is no sticky residue left over from the wax.

Having tried many hot wax brands in the past I now use Perron Rigot because, in my opinion, it is far superior to the others and delivers the best results.

Brazilian and Hollywood Waxing

A lot of salons offer both Brazilian and Hollywood waxing but unfortunately not many do it well. In fact, some seem not to understand the difference between the two and, even worse, often use strip wax instead of hot wax!

It is very important that you know exactly what a Brazilian and Hollywood wax entails and what body parts it includes before you come to the salon. I have put together a description of each below which I hope will help:

Hollywood Wax

All hair is removed from the front to back.  It includes the crease of the groin, top of the thigh, pubic triangle, inner and outer labia, perineum and anus.

Brazilian Wax

As above apart from a small landing strip left on the pubic mound.


Toe Wax£5.00
Underarm £10.00
Half Leg Wax£16.00
Full Leg Wax£24.00
Full Arm Wax£14.00
Forearm Wax£12.00
Bikini Line Tidy from £12.00
Brazilian /Hollywood£31.00

Lip Upper£9.00
Lip & Chin£14.00
Facial Waxingfrom £15.00
Eyebrow Waxfrom £11.00
Chest & Stomach Wax£32.00
Back & Shoulders Wax£32.00