Winter Skincare – Keep Your Skin Healthy and Glowing

Adopting a winter skincare routine is very important.  We all know cold weather can have a debilitating effect on our skin and during the winter months our skin types can actually shift. Oily skin becomes normal, normal becomes dry and dry becomes itchy and sensitive.

Our skin acts as a barrier preventing the loss of fluids from the surface of our bodies. This barrier is made from natural fats that form a protective lipid film layer on the surface of the skin helping to keep it hydrated. However, during the winter months the amount of natural fats stored reduces allowing larger amounts of fluid to evaporate from the skin.  The weather is another factor that will dehydrate the skin during the winter.  Cold and windy weather in particular. And, last but not least, central heating plays a big part in drying out the skin.

So, what can we do?  The most important thing is to keep the skin properly moisturized. Make sure you use creams based not only on hydrating substances but also oil. Fats in creams create a thin layer on our skin which stops water evaporating. The creams we use should contain fatty acids and natural moisturizing factors like urea, glycerol, alpha hydroxyl acid.  These substances are good at retaining water.  Ideally apply creams several times during the day but it is especially important after washing the face, showering and before going outside when it is cold.

Hands too must be part of your winter skincare regime.  The skin on your hands is thinner and more sensitive then the other parts of the body.  They have fewer sebaceous glands and therefore are prone to drying.  Make sure you moisturize them with a good hand cream and wear gloves to keep them warm when it is cold.

Lips take a battering in the winter.  They are extremely sensitive to cold weather, quickly become dry and, if  you are not careful, will crack. To prevent this happening you should use a good lip balm frequently.

Exfoliate the skin regularly which will remove dead cells and allow the skin to soak up moisture more effectively.  However, please don’t use harsh scrubs or peels.  Exfoliating needs to be done gently to avoid damaging the epidermis.  Products containing Vitamin A will help to normalize and balance the skin.

Keep Drinking  And, by that I mean water not alcohol!!  Getting the daily requirement of water eliminates many toxins and keeps skin clear, hydrated and glowing.

Healthy Diet  We can help to nourish and protect the skin from within by making sure we eat a healthy, well balanced diet. This is not as easy as it sounds so I often recommend a couple of supplements from The Advanced Nutrition Programme – Skin Omegas+ and Vitamin C Plus.

I use the Environ Skincare product range in my salon and their four winter essentials are the Super Moisturiser, Focus Hydrating Serum, Hydrating Oil Capsules and the Body A, C & E Oil. To find out more about each of these great products click on the link above.

winter skincare environ products

If you haven’t got into a winter skincare routine already hopefully this blog will inspire and help you to keep your skin healthy and looking radiant.