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The skin is the largest organ in our body and therefore needs constant feeding and looking after both inside and out! Obviously from time to time things will go wrong. On this page we have listed common problems together with any suitable treatments that we use in the salon. We also strongly advise the use of topical products and supplements to take at home. These will compliment and enhance the results of the recommended treatments. We love helping our customers learn more about their skin and finding ways to improve it's condition. This page has been designed to give a brief insight which we hope will be helpful. If you have any questions please do ask!


This is caused by dead skin cells and natural oils blocking up the tiny hair follicles in the skin. Bacteria work their way into the plugged-up follicles and start multiplying. At this point the body's immune cells move in to attack the bacteria and in turn cause the classic symptoms - swelling, redness and spots. Hormonal changes, especially in women, can also be the cause of acne.
Suitable Treatments: Environ Ionzyme facial, Environ Cool Peel, Skin Vitality 1, Skin Accumax, Skin Omegas & Skin Pure.


A common disorder that affects one in ten people mainly on the face. The causes aren't known although there are many theories. The main symptoms are persistent redness, bumps & pimples, visible blood vessels. These symptoms vary from person to person and in severity.
Suitable Treatments: Environ Cool Peel, Environ Ionzyme Facial, Skin Vit C & Skin Omegas.


Skin pigmentation disorders affect the colour of the skin. Skin cells create a substance called melanin which give the skin it's colour. If for some reason these cells are damaged or unhealthy it will affect production. This can affect just small patches of skin or in some cases the whole body. Too much melanin and the skin gets darker. Common causes are pregnancy, Addisons disease and sun exposure. Too little melanin the skin gets lighter. Vitiligo, Albinism (a genetic condition affecting the whole body), infections, blisters and burns cause lighter skin.
Suitable treatments: Environ Cool Peel, Environ Ionzyme facial (can be specially tailor made), Skin Vitality 2, Skin VitC, Skin Defender,


Scars and stretch marks are caused by injury to the structural proteins, collagen and elastin, in the dermis.

Suitable treatments: Collagen Stimulation Therapy, Environ Ionzyme facial, Skin Vitality 1 & 2 & Skin Collagen Support.


Skin sensitivity can occur when skin cells have an increased tendency to release molecules that then cause inflammation which in turn can lead to redness, swelling, pain, increased heat and loss of cell function. Sunlight, cold, heat and various chemicals can all cause an inflammatory reaction.

Depending on the severity of the sensitivity a home care treatment plan is recommended to stabilise the skin before doing any salon treatments. Once the skin is ready the Environ Ionzyme facial is one of the best. Skin Vit C and Skin Omegas are very helpful.


Sadly ageing is a fact of life! However thanks to a better understanding of how our skin functions there are now ways of slowing down the inevitable ageing process. Essential elements for human life such as sunshine, oxygen and water are all ironically involved in the breakdown of the skin. A shortage of Vitamin A can also lead to the skin ageing too quickly.

Suitable treatments: Collagen Stimulation Therapy, Environ Hydraboost facial, Envrion Focus Frown Facial, Environ Ionzyme Facial, Skin VitC, Skin Omegas and Skin Defenders.