Summer Weddings: To Tan or Spray Tan?

I was flattered recently to be asked by Devon & Cornwall Wedding Magazine to answer a question on the Q&A Beauty page in their March/April issue about using a spray tan.  I know a lot of you are planning weddings this summer so thought it would be helpful to share my answer with you here!

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When it comes to relying on a spray tan for the big day I always recommend my brides have a few pre-wedding trials. The final trial should be at least two months prior to the day to ensure the tan is thoroughly removed before the final session.

These trials will enable the bride to decide on the depth of tan shade she prefers. There are a number of important considerations to take into account – how is the hair going to be worn, the shape and colour of the dress, how much skin will be showing and the time of year they are getting married. Also, what a lot of girls forget about are the photographs. They will certainly not want to be too many shades browner than the groom or, for that matter, any of their bridesmaids! For that reason, girls tend to use the lightest and more natural looking shade which in the case of Nouvatan, the spray tan we use in the salon, it is between 6 and 8%.

Generally most brides get their tan done two days before the wedding which allows plenty of time for it to develop properly and also time to perfect the makeup.

Before your spray tan session you will need to shower and exfoliate your skin thoroughly but avoid using heavy moisturising shower gels. Also, do not apply any moisturisers, deodorants, oil based products or perfumes. If you want to wax or shave make sure you have done that at least 24 hours ahead.

On the day, wear suitable swimwear or underwear to create the desired effect. If you are using underwear make sure it is black. The actual time it takes to apply the tan is generally about fifteen minutes. You will be able to dress straight away as it dries immediately however it is advisable to wear dark, loose clothing and avoid silk, wool or leather garments as spray tan does not wash out of these materials.

The tan will take a few hours to properly develop. In the case of Nouvatan it is five to seven hours and, during that time, it is vital that no water touches the skin. So, even it you are itching to do some exercise don’t be tempted as perspiration will also adversely affect the end result.

Once you have showered for the first time after the spray tan has been applied we advise to only pat dry rather than rub. To keep your tan looking its best you need to keep your skin well moisturised and avoid the use of any oil or exfoliating products. Follow these guidelines and you will have a beautiful, natural looking tan that will really enhance your wedding day!

For those of you with a wedding to organize this magazine is well worthwhile reading.  It covers all aspects of getting married from the moment you get engaged to booking and going away on honeymoon.  Stuffed full of really helpful information, tips and ideas.  The website lists every category – to have a quick look click here.  Of course, my bit about spray tan should be the first page you read!