Look More Youthful With A Collagen Boost

Recently I was asked to answer a few questions about collagen, the treatments and products available. I know many of you are interested in the subject which is why I am sharing the interview on my blog!

What is Collagen?

It is a protein that helps to strengthen, support and plump up the skin cells. When we are young we continually produce collagen however, from the age of 20, production decreases by 1% each year. This gradually causes our skin to lose it’s firmness and form fine lines.  Environmental and lifestyle factors will also contribute to the breakdown of collagen.
What we apply topically to our skin and what we ingest play an important part in maintaining healthy collagen levels.   Scientists have found that Vitamin C helps to preserve a normal, mature collagen network in humans by preventing the inactivation of two key enzymes in the synthesis of collagen. It also stimulates at least four genes related to collagen and elastin production.
Vitamin A helps to stimulate the genes for collagen production too and improves the quality of elastin.  Treating the skin with Vitamin A is scientifically proven to be effective at preventing and treating collagen loss caused by UV exposure.

What are the most popular Collagen treatments you’re offering right now?

I only offer two treatments at the moment – Environ CST (Collagen Stimulation Therapy) and the Environ Collagen Power Facial. Both seem to be equally popular!
CST is definitely the most effective treatment available.  It works by micro-needling the skin with a topical vitamin serum. Tiny needles gently prick the skin to initiate the release of platelets which, in turn, release a cascade of growth factors. These growth factors stimulate the production of collagen and elastin.   Another key growth factor stimulated by CST is normally only found in foetal tissue and will initiate scar-less healing and skin regeneration.  
The result is firmer, smoother and younger looking skin. 

The Collagen Power Facial is a peptide (amino acids) packed treatment. Peptides help to smooth out lines and wrinkles as well as restoring collagen levels. This facial uses a special nutrient packed serum that is pushed deep into the skin by using gentle sound waves pulsed by iontophoresis.  It is extremely effective at making the skin plumper and more radiant.

What are the benefits of Collagen treatments and products compared to other skincare treatments on the market?

They encourage our bodies to create collagen naturally.
The treatments don’t effect the skin in any way AND no recovery time is needed.  The skin will look a little red for a short time afterwards – just as if you’ve been out in the sun a little too long.
Basically nothing beats collagen when it comes to keeping the skin looking it’s best and most youthful. The treatments and products are safe with no hidden side effects.  No surprise then that their popularity is increasing with experts predicting the global collagen market to reach 6.53 billion USD by 2025.

What do you think the trends will be in the coming months / years in regards to Collagen treatments?

Currently you can find brands offering an array of  pills, drinks, powders containing hydrolysed collagen (often derived from fish or bovine) each claiming to combat wrinkles and fine lines.  No doubt in the future there will be a greater variety and availability of these sort of products.
Moisturisers containing peptides will become more readily available, not just in salons, but in the High Street as well. 
Special packs of supplements like Skin Collagen Plus from the Advanced Nutrition Programme, containing a mix of essential vitamins and anti-oxidants, will also become more mainstream.

Personally, I would like to think that more salons will offer Collagen Stimulation Therapy. It is a very effective, genuinely safe and natural way to stimulate collagen production that doesn’t damage the skin.

Are these sorts of Collagen products and treatments something all beauty salons should be offering?

Yes, definitely. However, I would like to see salons being properly regulated. Beauty therapists should be trained by a genuine, accredited company so they can administer the treatments and products safely.  It is essential for therapists to fully understand how they work in order to achieve the best possible results for their clients.

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