Massage is often thought to be a rather self-indulgent, feel-good luxury but what a lot of people do not appreciate is the many hidden health benefits. Experts estimate that 80-90% of disease is stress related. Massaging and relaxing our muscles causes our body to go into homeostasis - a place of balance where the body can repair and renew. Massage helps relieve stress, sports injuries, back pain, headaches, osteoarthritis, anxiety, boosts the immune system, helps you to sleep better and can increase your concentration. By reducing fatigue it gives you the energy to cope with stressful situations. To maintain a healthy equilibrium in both body and mind we would recommend a regular massage whether weekly, monthly or even one every three months!

Luxurious Aroma Massage

Using a pre-blend of essential oils, the luxurious aroma massage is designed to balance the mind, body and soul. Combined with a soothing, relaxing massage.


Therapeutic Massage

A traditional Swedish Massage promotes relaxation, circulation and a sense of wellbeing. This massage will decrease stress hormones and increase production of white blood cells which will help to boost the immune system. Using simple techniques with almond oil to nourish the skin. Relax - de-stress - invigorate - recharge.
Full Body Massage - 1hr£35.00
Back, Foot, Facial & Scalp Massage - 1hr£35.00
Facial & Scalp Massage - 30mins£25.00
Back, Shoulder & Neck Massage - 30mins£25.00

Deep Tissue Massage

Focuses on particular areas of stress and tension. Deep pressure is applied comfortably to soothe aches and pains. Some of the strokes used are similar to the classic Swedish massage but it is slower and pressure is applied more strongly, concentrating on problem areas. This massage works to realign the different layers of tissue, treating the tendons, ligaments and the fascia (the protective layers of tissues surrounding the bones, joins & muscles) as well as the muscles to release tension and provide pain relief. Deep tissue massage is primarily used to treat chronic pain and muscle and sports related injuries, however, it also has many other benefits including helping to lower blood pressure, heart rate and stress hormone levels.
Deep Tissue Massage - 30mins£27.00