Advanced Skin Analysis Event : Keeping Skin Healthy

It is very important to keep our skin healthy and in good condition which is why I like to hold regular Advanced Skin Analysis events at the salon.  A professional skin analyst from the South African skincare brand, Environ, comes to the salon with their Visia Complexion Analysis machine.



Visia Complexion Analysis Machine

This equipment is very powerful and used by plastic surgeons and dermatologists worldwide.   The images taken will reveal the condition of the skin and will highlight any problems like sun damage, broken capillaries, hyper pigmentation, congested pores.

Colombo, Ann 27.09.07 Overview

Images taken at Skin Analysis Event

The skincare analyst will discuss the results with the client and help them to address any particular problems.  No matter how minor the analyst is always happy to help and will recommend products for home use as well as suitable salon treatments. Dietary and lifestyle advice will also be given.  Nikita Salon supports the Environ philosophy that we can prevent premature ageing and keep the skin looking beautiful provided we protect it as much as possible from harmful UV rays, pollution and stress.  Also, our skin benefits from what we apply topically but equally needs nourishing from within.  It is therefore important to stick to a healthy diet and drink lots of water too.

A skin analysis session lasts for 45 minutes.  The appointment costs £10 which is payable at the time of booking but redeemable when two or more products are purchased.  I try to encourage everyone to get their skin analysed regularly – even those people who already use Environ products – as it is a great way to check progress and monitor improvements.

Interested to find out more about Environ and their products then please click here.

The next Skin Analysis event at the salon is on Thursday, 18th May from 1pm to 8pm.  To book your appointment either ring 07792 218016 or email  See you there!