COVID-19 Salon Policy

Ahead of your appointment,  I want to assure you that I will be following the guidelines provided to minimize risk and protect us all from infection, including myself and my family because, as you know, I run my salon from home.

Currently I am following guidelines from HSE and industry bodies. the protocols I’ve outlined could be subject to further changes. I am hoping that some of them will only be temporary, however for the time being these changes are necessary and must be adhered to.

I very much hope the changes I’ve had to make won’t make your experience with me any less enjoyable than usual, and I am really looking forward to seeing you soon.

ALL the protocols I will be following are listed below.  Some of them I have always done but I thought it a good idea to include everything to reassure you that it will be safe to visit.

Salon Changes

Following the recent government announcement, I can now resume my full treatment menu.

You will notice I have had to slightly increase the price of a few of the treatments. I realise it’s not a great time to be doing it, but I cannot sustain my business long term if I continue to absorb price hikes in my overheads. I have only increased my prices once in the 20 years I’ve been running my salon, I know you will understand.

I will be wearing full PPE; a mask, apron and gloves.

The treatment bed will have a disposable plastic cover with a layer of couch roll paper over the top.  The couch roll will be changed after every client and the plastic cover thoroughly cleaned using a hospital grade disinfectant. This disposable cover will be changed regularly throughout the day.

I intend to limit the use of towels, but any that are used, will be removed and washed in a 60 degree wash.

The salon will be thoroughly cleaned on a daily basis.  I will be using A combination of barbicide and virabact, a hospital grade disinfectant, on all the surfaces which will include trolleys, the card machine, chair, doorknobs, handles and the floor.  I will be allocating extra time in between appointments so I can wipe the surfaces after every client.

The basin, sink, taps and toilet will be cleaned after every use.  Disposable hand towels will be provided.

All salon waste will be treated as contaminated clinical waste and will be removed regularly by a specialist company.

Client Changes

You will be asked to use antibacterial hand gel upon arrival and exit from the salon, and if necessary during your appointment.

Please bring and wear a mask, or face covering to your appointment.  If you don’t have one I can supply a mask for a small additional cost.

Unfortunately you will have to attend your appointment alone without children or friends as only one person will be allowed in my house at any one time.  I know this will be difficult for those of you who have small children but hopefully it will only be a temporary measure and I will be able to accommodate you at a time that is convenient for you.

To limit the risk of cross contamination I will not be providing any tea, coffee or water.

I would be grateful if you could visit the lavatory before leaving for your appointment to avoid having to use mine.

I have been inundated with bookings, If you need to change your appointment, 24 hours notice is required, if within this time, unfortunately  a 50% fee of your appointment will be charged.

As you can see from the above I am taking this very seriously I hope I have covered everything, but if you think I have missed out something, or have any concerns please message me to discuss.

I look forward to seeing you soon!